Prosperity Doctor RPV Exec Pet Consulting and Food Therapy

RPV EXEC Pet Consulting and Food Therapy

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
-Hippocrates, (The father of modern medicine)

This goes for our pets too!

Just as the human body needs real whole foods to cleanse, balance and repair the body so that the body can regenerate itself, so does your pet.

The Prosperity Doctor says:
Food for Thought from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quantum Medicine:

Everything is energy. Everything has Chi.

In order for your pet to have health, your pet must have "Chi" or energy. Chi (or Qi pronounced Chee) must be in the food. Food therapy is the foundation Chinese medicine and Quantum medicine. Chi by the way is more than energy. Chi is translated as energy, however it includes: consciousness, energy, information, frequency, vibration and power. It is Chi that allows the sun to heat, a flower to turn toward the sun, the ocean to flow and humans to have grow and develop. It is the Chi that allows you and your pet to have energy, vitality and good health.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

We prepare Traditional Chinese Medicine food, food supplements and medicinal formula specific for people and for your pet. Five Element superior grade foods have extreme value to maintain health, repair and activate the natural regeneration process for your pet. We include High Performance food grade herbs strengthen and nourish to restore energy and any medicinal grade herbs where required are include in the pet formula.

Today most of foods for people and pets are processed, from concentrates, reconstructed, reconstituted (not foods any more they are now chemicals) and all types of additives, preservatives not to mention the refined sugar, fructose or chemicals called food.

Your pet's health and body requires real whole food to cleanse, balance, and repair so that it can regenerate itself.

Try Food Therapy for your pet before drugs and surgery!

Hello! My name is Saquina and I'm the your pet's best friend. I am a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and student of Quantum Medicine. I am available to discuss your pet's health and issues. You pet may not need drugs or surgery. I will work with you to recover your pet's health with superior food grade herbs, medicinal grade herbs and Quantum Medicine using Zero Point Energy Infusion Technology. I have a flexible schedule hours to provide timely and affordable executive services for your small dog or cat. Small dogs with good social manners will enjoy herbal treatments, non-invasive Zero Point Energy "wanding" and a Pooch or Pet massages. If necessary we can take your pet for a walks with me or having a shopping date! Our pet guests receive Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quantum Medicine treatments, love, hugs, and attention during their entire stay with us! Email me with any questions or requests.


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To our pet's health and well-being
Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor

RPV EXEC Pet Consulting and Food Therapy